Drunk For Pets

Chicago-area comedian and web developer Andy Boyle got totally hammered on Christmas Eve to raise money for PAWS Chicago, a humane no-kill shelter, making holiday videos for people who donated money. He managed to raise almost $3,400 altogether.

No, really. You can watch all the videos here.

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Wait, what is this?

Andy made a quick video explaining everything. It features his cute cat Tiberius, who Andy got through a shelter in 2009. Watch the video.

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Who gets the donations?

All donations will benefit PAWS Chicago, which is a totally rad animal shelter in Chicago. They do great work and you can always donate directly to them.

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This sounds awesome

It is awesome. Andy will make some videos, get crunk and help a great cause. So you know what you should do? Donate right now.

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Andy will be posting videos below. There's gunna be a lot.

The ones higher-up are the most recent. So you can chronologically watch Andy get more and more drunk. I know, pretty awesome, right?

Andy Boyle is a Chicago-area stand-up comedian, writer and web developer. In 2013, Andy took his stand-up on the road throughout seven states, including a stop at Minnesota's 10,000 Laughs Festival. Andy does mostly punk rock-inspired do-it-yourself shows, which is the polite way of saying he doesn't get booked at "real" comedy clubs. You can see him regularly around Chicago and the Midwest.

Andy can be contacted most easily on Twitter at @andymboyle. You can also email him.